Helpful Tips to Jog your Memory


1. Try to decrease extra stimulation when you are trying to concentrate. For example, turn off the television or radio when taking a telephone message or when trying to listen to a conversation. You may be able to work out that problem if the room is quiet and you are not too hot or cold.

2. Buy a day planner with a LARGE Appointments section so that you can jot down things you need to do each day. Make a point of checking it seveal times a day.

3. Use you cell phone to set reminders for appointments and other important dates.

4. Keep a writing pad or sticky notes by the phone so that you can write things down as you go. Stick them to the fridge or someplace you will see them.

5. Minimize your use of alcohol. It doesn't help.

6. Keep the mind active by participating in hobbies, volunteer work, interest courses, visiting friends, doing light house work, writing letters, doing crossword puzzles etc. These activities can help protect you against depression and take your mind off your worries. 

7. Remember the saying "Use it or lose it"? Keep your mind active and it will stay sharp.

8. With your doctor's support, minimize your use of medications, especially pain medications.

9. I am suprised how many pain patients have stopped wearing a watch. This can help you keep on time. Put it back on.

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